3 Things Only Power Lifters Understand

Lifting is a sport that isn’t really taken on by the masses, but it is one that is so easy to fall in love with once you give it a go. Heck, these days, we aren’t seeing just guys at the gym lifting 300 pounds at once… we are seeing girls doing the same – even more. That says a lot about what lifting does for not only you body, but your head too. Speaking of lifting, if you are a lifter, we know that you will understand these 3 things that only lifters get…

The Protein Intake Window

If we run into you at the gym and we have not seen you in 20 years… chances are we will try really hard to get away from you if this is post workout time. This is because we all know about the touted protein intake window that can really help to increase your muscle recovery and growth. While a lot of people say this window is around 30 minutes, a lot of experts say you are fine as long as you get in your max limit by the day’s end… however, lifters don’t like to take chances. So even if you were our childhood best friend, don’t take it personal. We just need you to either move or come with us to get some chicken at Moe’s.

The Endorphins Rock

You’d think picking up heavy sh** and sitting it down would be boring AF. Truth is the endorphin rush of knowing you are strong enough to do so is, well, unparalleled. Not only does exercise itself provide these feel good chemicals but knowing that you are getting stronger simply makes you feel more capable both physically and emotionally. This is why so many people become lifters during difficult times in their lives.

Anabolic Steroids are Talked About Constantly

If you go to a gym, then you are well versed in what an anabolic steroid is. These many, many different brands of legal anabolic steroids can do so many different things. From making you leaner to helping you grow and even giving you energy, these pills are a big deal in the gym. Since they are not without their side effects, it is important that those who have health issues consult someone before they start a cycle. It is better to be safe than swole. Sorry, but it is.

Lifters are a unique breed and while not everyone understands us and some people tout us as a little knuckle-headed, the truth is that we are all driven, passionate and in love with being healthy. It is just our thing and while not everyone will get it, that’s ok. If you love it… love it. Make no apologies. Guy or girl. Big or little. Beginning journey or long time vet. Every lifter has one thing in common… we are a family and we understand each other. That is all that really matters anyway.